LED Downlight

LED Downlight DTT Series

Model: JST-DTT

Wattage: 5W-30W

LED Chip: Citizen/Cree/Epistar

Driver Brand: OSRAM/Philips/Lifud

RA: >90

Finish Color: White/Black/Customized

Beam Angle: 110°

Diameter: 98mm-232mm

Cutout: 70mm-205mm


What is an SMD (Surface Mount Diode) downlight? An SMD downlight is a downlight composed of multiple LED chips. Multiple LED chips are usually mounted on the surface of a circuit board.

Downlight DTT series is a SMD downlight that is stylish, simple, efficient and environmentally friendly. The SMD chip making it an excellent light source for any situation, with a fixed 110-degree wide beam angle that 

provides excellent coverage.  

The downlights DTT series are an excellent choice for energy-saving, long-lasting and durable lighting, available in various wattages (5W--30W), color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 5000K) and fixed 110° beam angles. 

Choose from warm white to daylight or anything in between for the perfect light look application for everyone. Compared to traditional halogen lamps , its energy consumption can be reduced by about 85%, saving 

up to 30% of energy consumption, the DTT series downlight have 50000hrs life span.

The DTT series has a large radiator and good heat dissipation. High-quality chip, high efficiency, color rendering index >80, with a large frosted diffuser (D232mm for 30W), which can hide the LED chipset and scatter 

light evenly, effectively preventing glare, so that no light source can be seen when looking up. Equipped with constant current power supply, no flicker, no ultraviolet rays, and eye protection.

DTTseries downlight is an ultra-thin downlight, H62mm for 30W, such a thin downlight is very suitable for ceilings in medium and low spaces. Whether it is used as the main light or auxiliary light in your home, DTT 

can make your space more concise and enhance your style.

DTT series has so many factors that provide style and versatility in countless indoor applications, making it very popular whether it is in residences, offices, bars, shopping malls, leisure clubs.

  1. Slim housing. 

  2. Low installation depth

  3. High efficacy, high illuminance

  4. Very homogenous light

  5. Glare-free design, perfect light spot and accurate beam angle, make surroundings of comfortable illumination

  6. Refined components and design, guarantee a long life span of over 50,000 hours

ModelPowerCRICCTPFCurrentInput VoltageBeam AngleDimensionCutout

Commercial spaces lighting, Stations lighting, Clubs lighting, Residential areas lighting, Offices lighting, Schools lighting, Restaurants lighting, Museums lighting, Hotels lighting, Showrooms lighting,jewelry stores lighting,banks lighting, airport,lighting, suppermaket lighting etc.

LED Downlight DTT Series LED Downlight DTT Series LED Downlight DTT Series
LED Downlight DTT Series LED Downlight DTT Series LED Downlight DTT Series
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