LED Magnet Light

LED Magnet Light MG SP06 Series

Model: JST-MG-SP07

Wattage: 6W

LED Chip: OSRAM 3030

Driver Brand:RX Power 48V driver

RA: >90


Finish Color: White/Black/Customized

Beam Angle: 120°

Diameter: D100XH1000mm



Magnetic light is a kind of track light which is designed by using magnet’s fast adsorption characteristic. It consists of two parts: track magnet and light. The track has four ways: surface mounted,recessed,borderless embedded installation,suspension. The light consists of anti-glare line light, anti-glare high power light, soft light lamp, suspension light and decorative lamp. The light can be used alone or assembled at will. Lighting effect can achieve point, line, surface combination, not only to meet the needs of various lighting effects, but also convenient installation, fashionable style, can greatly enhance the decorative effect, in line with the modern architectural design concept, is a fashionable, high-end LED lights leading the trend in the future, is the ideal choice of office, exhibition hall, exclusive stores, hotels, villas, clubs and other places.


1.DC24V/48V working at low voltage to ensure the safety of electric shock;

2.Safety clamp design to ensure that it will not fall off for long using time;

3.Surface nano-oxidation treatment, high-grade and beautiful;

4.Magnets adsorb, and the creation of secondary lighting is more casual;

5.Easy to change the light on the magnet tracks;

6.Anti-glare design, more comfortable lighting environment;

7.All kinds of light are assembled, and the lighting effect is guaranted;

8.Use high-quality aluminium material, heat dissipation is better, more sense of reality;

ModelPowerCCTInput VoltageBeam Angle
Chip Brand


Clubs,offices shopping malls, Fashion stores, Stations, Supermarkets,Exhibitions etc.

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