LED Track Light

LED Track Light XZ Series

Model: JST-XZ series

Wattage: 15W-80W

LED Chip: Citizen/Cree/Epistar

Driver Brand: OSRAM/Lifud/Tridonic

RA: >90/95

Finish Color: White/Black/Silver/Customized

Beam Angle: Shapeable angle

Size: 50*225mm/60*245mm/80*285mm/80*285mm

Adapater: 6wires/4wires/3wires/2wires


The shapeable LED track light XZ series.  It is a new product launched by JARSTAR in 2024. Once it was released, it received a welcome from customers.

What is  shapeable LED track light.

The shapeable LED track light are designed for museum lighting or any special lighting purpose that require the light output to be certain shape.The shapable characteristic of this track light adds another layer of 

creativity to museum lighting design. The flexible track can be easily manipulated into various shapes, allowing for seamless integration with the exhibition space’s architecture and layout. Curators can now 

incorporate lighting into the overall design narrative, highlighting architectural features or guiding visitors’ gaze towards specific artworks. This track light offers versatility like never before, providing fully 

customizable lighting solutions that adapt to the unique requirements of each exhibition.



   Suppot 355 degree rotation, the beam angle can be adjusted freely

2- Cold forgung intergrated heat dissipation

   The lamp body is made by 1070 high purity aluminium, and adopt the integrally-formed technology to  ensure the good heat dissipation and protect the whole lamp.

3-Spot hand Regulator

   Hand release screw to realize the function of 355 degree rotation

4-Optical adjustable aperture plates

   The spot shape can be arbitrarlly changed by adjusting the aperture plates

5-Zoom damping knob

   Rotate it can change the size of spot

6-Focus damping knob

Rotate it can change the acutance of spot

7-High quality coated optical lenses

It can increase light transmittance, reduce the distortion, etiminate the blue ray.


ModelPowerCRICCTPFCurrentInput VoltageBeam AnglemDiension
JST-XZ10W>80/902700K-5000K>0.900.25AAC220-240VShapeable angleD50*H225mm
JST-XZ15W>80/902700K-5000K>0.900.35AAC220-240VShapeable angleD60*H245mm
JST-XZ20W>80/902700K-5000K>0.900.50AAC220-240VShapeable angleD80*H285mm
JST-XZ30W>80/902700K-5000K>0.900.75AAC220-240VShapeable angleD80*H285mm


Commercial spaces lighting, Stations lighting, Clubs lighting, Residential areas lighting, Offices lighting, Schools lighting, Restaurants lighting, Museums lighting, Hotels lighting, Showrooms lighting,jewelry stores lighting,banks lighting, airport,lighting, suppermaket lighting etc.

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