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Jun. 30, 2020

Today, the home improvement season has begun. In the choice of lamps, most people may pay attention to the style and performance of lighting.  White LED Downlight manufacturer to share with you.


Although the main lamp-free lighting is gradually becoming popular in the home improvement industry, many people still continue to choose the main lamp design. The main lamps suitable for different space sizes are also different. In order to make the luminaire and the room more coordinated, in general, the diameter or length of the luminaire is generally 1/12 of the total length and width of the room, and the area should not exceed 3% of the room area.

Taking a 5*5 25m2 small and medium-sized living room as an example, we can choose a more sophisticated living room lamp, the overall will not be too large, causing noisy guests, while the simple design also embellishes the space.

 High Efficiency Led Downlights

 High Efficiency Led Downlights


After choosing the right size of lamps, how to grasp the brightness of the living room and ensure that the space is bright enough after turning on the lights? Taking the living room as an example, in addition to installing the living room lights, it is necessary to reasonably select the wattage and layout according to the overall area. Worry about the professional formula can not understand, don’t worry, the simple universal formula is remembered: living room lamp wattage = living room square meter number x2+5/6w

Taking a large living room of more than 30㎡ as an example, it can be equipped with a living room lamp of about 100w.

Following the lighting design of basic lighting + auxiliary lighting, we can use a medium-sized ceiling lamp as the basic lighting to meet the needs of daily leisure and meeting guests, plus 4-6 downlights/spotlights and light belts as auxiliary lighting, Brighten the TV wall in the sofa area, make the space more translucent, and can also create an atmosphere for different scenes.

Of course, in the case of the same wattage of lamps, we also recommend choosing a lamp with high luminous flux. The higher the luminous flux, the higher the luminous efficiency of the lamp and the more energy-saving.


Many people are easy to confuse brightness and illuminance. In simple terms, illuminance is the amount of light actually emitted by the lamp, which can be simply understood as whether the lamp is bright enough.

Brightness is a person's perception of the intensity of light. It is a subjective quantity and is also affected by environmental factors. For example, the effect of the same light on a wooden board and a smooth surface is different.

One refers to how much light is obtained per unit area, and one refers to how bright the unit area looks.

Before selecting the lamp, the total luminous flux can be calculated according to the room area. The general recommendation is that the illuminance of the event lighting in the home is 100LX, which is 100LM/㎡, and the illuminance of the kitchen and bathroom space will be increased accordingly.

Color temperature

It is best to choose a multi-stage toning, three-stage toning, or smart toning to meet the atmosphere needs of different scenes.


Of course, there are some small partners who insist on the design of the main light, don't rush away. There are also tips for you.

The number & distribution of high efficiency LED downlights and spotlights are really brain-burning. If you want to get the number, please remember the following formula: quantity = total light flux / light flux of a single downlight x 0.7x0.8.

In general, the ratio of downlights, spotlights, and decorative lights is 5:3:1, and the light source can be divided into high, medium, and low parts.

The high-level light sources are mainly downlights and spotlights; the central light source includes a spotlight (a decorative spotlight that illuminates a wall) and the top light strip; the low-level light source includes a bottom light strip, floor lamp, and wall light.

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