Fact Or Myth-Are LED Lights Harmful For Your Health?

Mar. 12, 2021

Fact Or Myth-Are LED Lights Harmful For Your Health?

Have you ever heard people say that LEDs are harmful to you? Many people question whether LEDs are harmful to your health because they are very different from other light bulbs currently on the market. Although each new product will bring a series of new benefits, they will also bring a series of problems.

Advantages of LED lights

First of all, LED lights have many benefits. This is why millions of people use them every year! Here are some of them:


Did you know that the lifespan of LED bulbs is 8-10 times that of ordinary fluorescent bulbs? This is true! LEDs are made of diodes instead of filaments. These diodes produce as much light as other bulbs on the market, but with much less energy. Therefore, they have a life span of several years longer than any other bulbs on the market.

Environmental protection

In addition to having a longer life than other bulbs, LEDs are also very environmentally friendly. They consume 90% less energy every day, which in turn affects the energy consumption of the entire planet. In other words, they have reduced carbon emissions by millions every year!


LED lights are not just used for ceilings and lamps. They are very versatile and can be used for various applications in your home or business. Use them in kitchens, bars, terraces and more!


Need a very specific color for your bulb? No problem! Unlike other bulbs, LEDs can produce any light on the spectrum, from the deepest red to the brightest blue. This will only increase their versatility and functionality for consumers.

Harmful effects of LED lights

Although LED bulbs provide incredible benefits, consumers still have some concerns. Mainly, people are worried that they may have any harmful effects on our overall health.

Do LED lights hurt your eyes?

People’s first major concern about LEDs is our eyes. Since the LEDs are too bright, it is still a question of whether they will cause damage to our eyes if they are used for a long time. But don’t worry. The short answer is no, they won't hurt your eyes.

This concern comes from the blue light used by LED bulbs. Blue light is the reaction of our eyes during the day. In short, it tells us that the circadian rhythm is time to "keep awake." "Exposure to extremely high levels of this light may cause eye problems. However, for ordinary users, this is not a problem. It will only become a problem for people with eye problems.

The blue light used by LEDs is the same as the blue light used by our smartphones, computers, and tablets. If you are willing to use electronic products, then your light bulb should also be no problem.

Medical condition

In addition to the existing eye diseases, LEDs are said to cause problems for those suffering from diseases such as migraines and epilepsy. This is because the flicker produced by most LEDs is very weak and almost imperceptible. Don't worry-this flicker is so fast (usually 120 times per second), you won't notice it at all. However, some people who are highly sensitive to eye fatigue, fatigue, headaches, and epilepsy may find them problematic.

Have reservations about this issue. As mentioned earlier, this flicker is so small that you will never notice it. Therefore, the chance of it bothering anyone is almost zero.

Interrupt sleep

Finally, some people worry that LEDs will disrupt normal sleep patterns. This makes sense to a certain extent. Remember when we mentioned that they use blue light? Well, blue light sends a signal to our brains: It’s time to "awake". Therefore, excessive use of your eyes, especially at night, may cause your eyes to fatigue and your thinking speeds up instead of slowing down.

However, it is worth noting that the level of blue light used by electronic products is the same as that of LEDs. If you often stay up late to watch TV and browse social media, then it may be difficult for you to fall asleep. If you try to turn off all electronic devices and lights before going to bed, then you will have no problem sleeping at night.


So, what is the general consensus? There are absolutely no major health risks in using LEDs at home. Although they may cause problems for existing patients, the risk is small. Therefore, if you want to buy new LEDs for your home or business, we say go! You will not be disappointed.

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