Choose Led Downlight or Led Spotlight for Home Decoration?(Part 1)

Mar. 31, 2020

In-home decoration, downlights, and spotlights are used the most. On the one hand, because auxiliary lighting fixtures such as downlights and spotlights are needed in the home, on the other hand, downlights are not restricted by the decoration style. Basically, every decoration style is suitable for use. Downlights and spotlights are all-in-one style, which results in the most use of downlights and spotlights.

Not only that, downlights and spotlights are also used in many commercial places, such as shopping malls, shops, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, in the purchase, many owners are confused about the similarities and differences between the two, so here I will share the similarities and differences of LED downlights and LED spotlights and purchase guidance.

Why choose LED downlights and LED spotlights? Because LED has many advantages, energy saving, environmental protection, non-infrared UV, pure light color, intelligent dimming, and color adjustment, etc., specifically, it can save more than 90% energy than incandescent lamps, and more than 50% energy saving than the fluorescent lamps commonly used in the past. Long life, theoretical life can reach 50,000 hours, basically do not need to change the lamp for a lifetime.

Therefore, these advantages have led LEDs to become mainstream, and incandescent lamps and fluorescent energy-saving lamps have been replaced one after another. Therefore, this article mainly focuses on LED downlights and spotlights.

Customized Led Downlight

Customized Led Downlight

The following are the formal introduction of the same and differences of LED downlights and spotlights, as well as installation instructions

Downlights and spotlights are very similar in structure. They are composed of surface rings, lamp bodies, radiators, light sources, power supplies, etc. The installation methods are mostly embedded installations, that is, embedded in the ceiling, only the surface ring is exposed, so as not to damage The integrity of the ceiling and the room looks neat.

The biggest difference between customized led downlights and spotlights is the difference in the angle of light emission, which makes a difference in structure!

Dimmable LED downlight: It is mainly used to provide uniform light, just like the sun, everything shines! But the downlight cannot be as big as the sun, so it is designed from the angle of light. The light-emitting angle is generally large, usually around 120 degrees. Acrylic masks are commonly used in this way so that uniform light can be obtained, and the light is soft and not dazzling.

Spotlights: It is mainly through small-angle strong light to highlight key objects such as TV background walls, murals, ornaments, goods, etc., or to increase the light and dark contrast of space to create an atmosphere. As the flagship store of big-name clothing, the light and dark contrast is very strong.

In order to achieve this effect, the light-emitting angle of the spotlight is generally small, usually 30-60 degrees. In this way, even if it has the same power and the same amount of light as similar downlights, the illuminated area is small and the brightness is high. In terms of structure, the spotlight often uses a lens or a reflective bowl to achieve small-angle focusing, and usually, the illumination angle can be adjusted so that during installation, the irradiation object can be adjusted as needed.

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