LED Downlight

LED Downlight DTF SMD Series

Model: JST-DTF-A

Wattage: 15W-50W

LED Chip: Citizen/Cree/Philips3030

Driver Brand: OSRAM/Philips/Lifud

RA: >90

Finish Color: White/Black/Customized

Beam Angle: 60°/90°

Diameter: 110mm-230mm

Cutout: 95mm-210mm


Downlights are becoming more and more popular, as one of the modern mainstream lighting fixtures, but not all LED lights are the same. There are two new schools of LED downlights: chip-on-board-COB LEDs, 

surface-mount diode-SMD LEDs. Both they produce high-quality light, have a long life span and are extremely efficient.

What is an SMD (Surface Mount Diode) downlight?

SMD downlight is a downlight composed of multiple LED chips. Multiple LED chips are typically mounted on the surface of a circuit board. SMD downlights are more efficient than COB downlights because the light 

source produces higher lumens per watt, which means they produce more light at a lower wattage. Usually they only have a fixed angle, they produce a wider beam spread over a larger area. In addition, these lamps 

feature frosted lens with larger face plates, that evenly diffuse the light and hide the chip array within the lens. Therefore, the cost is more economical than COB.

SMD LEDs are widely used in home lighting, industrial lighting systems, vehicles, advertising, backlighting and a host of other lighting applications.


COB LEDs are the latest and most advanced entrants to the LED market, its performance is the best. The COB downlight with a transparent lens and the COB chips will be exposed. Since all the lights are concentrated

 in one area, more powerful cooling capacity is required. So it needs a large radiator to dissipate heat, and these radiators are usually made of aluminum, and it can dissipate heat efficiently and quickly.The large size of the heat sink may result in the cost of COB LEDs downlight being slightly higher than SMD leds downlight.

Our DTE series and DTF series can both be used in SMD and COB. SMD has 2 different reflectors. Different combinations have different effects. You can choose from them! 

Downlight DTF SMD series have a frosted lens with larger face plates,which  can not look directly at the light source, effective anti-glare, help to protect the eyes.


1. High brightness, Low SDCM﹤3, low light decline

2. High efficacy, high illuminance

3. Glare-free design, perfect light spot and accurate beam angle, make surroundings of comfortable illumination

4. Exterior driver(100-277v input)

5. Refined components and design, guarantee a long life span of over 50,000 hours

6. Available in clear or frosted lens for optical choice

ModelPowerCRICCTPFCurrentInput VoltageBeam AngleDimensionCutout

Commercial spaces lighting, Stations lighting, Clubs lighting, Residential areas lighting, Offices lighting, Schools lighting, Restaurants lighting, Museums lighting, Hotels lighting, Showrooms lighting,jewelry stores lighting,banks lighting, airport,lighting, suppermaket lighting,outdoor ceiling areas lighting, under canopies lighting etc.

LED Downlight DTF SMD Series LED Downlight DTF SMD Series LED Downlight DTF SMD Series
LED Downlight DTF SMD Series LED Downlight DTF SMD Series LED Downlight DTF SMD Series
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