LED Grille Downlight

LED Grille Downlight RG Series With Two Heads

Model: JST-RG

Wattage: 50W-70W

LED Chip: Citizen/Cree/Epistar

Driver Brand: OSRAM/Philips/Lifud

RA: >90

Finish Color: White/Black/Customized

Beam Angle: 15°/24°/38°/60°

Size: 330*175mm

Cutout: 315*160mm


Introducing the Grille downlight RG series– the perfect blend of aesthetic design, performance, and efficiency.This innovative lighting solution is available in selectable power capacities of 50W, or 70W for double 

heads, allowing you to choose the ideal illumination level for your project. it an excellent choice for various lighting environments.

Grille downlight RG series can be used as a ceiling or wall light, the angle can be adjusted by 360° , and it can also swing from side to side. The light is even, no dazzling, no flicker, no stray light, there is conducive to 

people's eyesight protection and health.

Selected and durable: the high-quality aviation aluminum material is used to manufacture the die-cast aluminum lamp body through multiple processes, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, easy to clean and durable.

Grille downlight RG series with high-brightness CREE/CITIZEN COB chip, high brightness, energy saving. The spotlights save up to 85% of energy for over 50,000 hours without the need to replace high ceiling lights. 

Provide you with an energy-saving lifestyle.

Grille downlight RG series with CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K,Best same color perfermance at same CCT because the COB SDCM<3.

In summary, the Grille downlight RG series is an easy-to-install, energy-efficient and versatile lighting solution for all types of interiors, be it commercial or residential spaces. Choose this fixture for a sleek aesthetic 

look that pairs brilliantly with its excellent performance and adjustable settings. Here's a lighting solution designed with you in mind-durable, efficient, and architecturally pleasing. With this light installed, every 

corner of your space will come to life. 

  1. Adopt top quality aluminum,high performance at heat-release, 50000hrs life span

  2. Exquisite workmanship shell coating processing,texture and fadeless

  3. Adopting CREE/CITIZEN COB chip,high lumen output with good color of redering,gives a very comfortable illumination effect.

  4. Light body can 360degree horizental rotatable and 40degree vertical adjustable

  5. Anti-dazzle with transparency lense, high transparency and warm lighting

  6. Grille Downlightuse constant LED drive power,AC220V 50/60Hz. Stable performance, safe reliable. 

ModelPowerCRICCTPFCurrentInput VoltageBeam AngleDimensionCutout


Commercial spaces lighting, Stations lighting, Clubs lighting, Residential areas lighting, Offices lighting, Schools lighting, Restaurants lighting, Museums lighting, Hotels lighting, Showrooms lighting,Jewelry stores lighting,Banks lighting, Airportlighting, Suppermaket lighting etc.

LED Grille Downlight RG Series With Two Heads LED Grille Downlight RG Series With Two Heads LED Grille Downlight RG Series With Two Heads
LED Grille Downlight RG Series With Two Heads LED Grille Downlight RG Series With Two Heads LED Grille Downlight RG Series With Two Heads
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