Five Star Hotel Guest Room Light to Meet a Few Big Problems?

May. 12, 2020

I've traveled to many cities, visited many hotels, and stayed in many guest rooms. Have you, like me, seen many five-star hotels light up their rooms?

In many hotels, the interior design of the materials and soft decoration is carefully selected, but at night, the room is particularly dark, can even be used to describe the "terrible".So, five-star hotel lighting, how to design?

Question 1: what lamps are used?

Commonly used lamps in hotel rooms are small aperture spotlights, custom Color LED Downlight, LED strip (or bracket), table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, etc. (table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp are mostly customized according to the overall decoration style of the room).

Question 2: what is a good light source to use?

If party a and the management of the hotel have high requirements on the effect of the room, and the operation cost of electricity can be appropriately relaxed in the later period, LED lighting is the best choice, because the color rendering index of LED lighting is good, and when the room is dimming, when the brightness is reduced, the color temperature will change from warm yellow to orange-red, which is closer to the natural light.

No matter what kind of light source you choose, you should try your best to prefer the feeling of natural light atmosphere, which will make the guests have a relaxing psychological experience at home.

Question 3: why are the two LED spotlights designed there?

The design technique that the hotel head of a bed decorates two spotlights, it seems that already age is long ago difficult to find the source. Some people also call it "reading light".Actually the client that checks in a hotel really, sit by the head of a bed to depend on these two shoot light to read rarely.

Led track light 70w supplier believes that the reason for this design is as follows:

1, hotel lighting room overall illumination is low, and the division of light and shade is large, the position of the bed is the main visual focus of the room, so the need for lighting key performance.

2, the hotel bed is mostly white, pillows with two clusters of light, clean at a glance, clean bed, and room, let guests rest assured.

Question 4: how to avoid the glare of headlamp in hotel lighting?

1, is to adjust the installation position of spotlights, and the use of adjustable Angle range of a few larger spotlights, installed in the side of the bedside corresponding position, oblique projection. Such, satisfied the effect that the bed is tasted to be lifted already, can avoid direct glare again.

Switch to reading LED spotlights, not only can still illuminate the bed, there is a convenient reading function.

Question 5: what details are easy to overlook?

1. It is recommended to install small night lights (also known as floor footlights) in the bathroom or corridor of the hotel, which can be controlled by switches, infrared induction or light control, so as to facilitate guests to get up at night without disturbing their sleep.

2, the lamp belt installation needs to be straightened, to avoid bending the light caused by bending, breakpoint. On the other hand, I also want to avoid lamp belt installation position diffusion light is not enough, fade too hard.

3. The installation position of the lamps needs practical experience. In addition to the offset position of the headboard spotlights, it is also necessary to pay attention to the distance from the wall installed by other embedded lamps, so as to avoid the light spots being too hard or too concentrated.

4, from the perspective of user experience to consider some details, such as wardrobe lights, such as the inside of the bathroom, the place to read, and so on. Energy saving downlights are not only used to enhance the luxury of five-star hotels but also to give guests a comfortable experience.

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