Led Spotlights, Track Lights, Grille Lights Have Their Own Advantages!

Apr. 28, 2020

Speaking of the spotlight family, everyone will think of LED spotlights, but in fact, spotlights are a big category. They also include track spotlights and grille spotlights. They all have their own strengths and expertise! Let's take a closer look at the "personal advantages" of the three.

LED spotlights-focus on the "creator" of flexible lighting

In general, the projection direction of the LED spotlight head is freely adjustable, and the application is quite flexible. It is widely used in airport lighting, hotel lighting, including commercial lighting, and it can be seen in various types of stores. It is mainly used for key lighting to highlight commodities or lighting and set off the atmosphere. The LED spotlights are even and round, without stray light. It can be applied to various airport lighting, hotel lighting and commercial lighting.

After reading the situation of LED spotlights, let's take a look at its "relatives"-what is the "magic power" of LED track lights?

LED track lights are also mainly used for accent lighting, however, it also has a unique structure-with track, which also allows it to do what LED spotlights cannot-not only can it adjust the angle 360 °, but also Carrying out "parallel movement" can be disassembled, unloaded and moved in parallel, which is really flexible!

LED track light can move along the track, at the same time, the lamp body itself can also adjust the angle of 360 ° lighting, truly adjust the illumination angle at any time according to need, optimize the key lighting effect.

White Led Track Light

White Led Track Light

White led track light can well control the illumination distance and illumination area of the main spot to improve the light efficiency. The optical lens has a light transmittance of up to 94%, and the light is pure and transparent, creating a comfortable lighting environment.

Finally, we must talk about a big "top beam" of the spotlight family-led grille downlight.

Why add grille lamp? It turns out that it can prevent glare more effectively. After installing the grille, in a large office area, the line of sight will not directly touch the bare light source at a certain distance, so it can effectively prevent glare and avoid eye discomfort. In addition, compared with the narrow beam angle of general spotlights, the lighting area of the grille spotlight has been greatly expanded, so that it may be used as a basic lighting-the reflector installed in the grille light, cleverly uses the principles of reflection and refraction, To provide basic lighting over a large area.

All in all, LED spotlights, LED track spotlights, and LED grille spotlights have their own expertise and strengths.

According to the different needs of the lighting environment, using their unique advantages will inevitably add points to other projects.

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