How About Led Downlights?

Dec. 22, 2020

How About Led Downlights?

Because LED downlights have the applicability of indoor lighting that is unmatched by some other lamps or even other LED lamps, more and more offices and even homes are using LED downlights. Install LED downlights indoors. Because of the privacy of the lamp, it will not be used to produce a feeling of oppression but will produce a warm effect on the contrary. Therefore, home improvement can choose to install multiple downlights to reduce space pressure.

LED downlights are direct lighting, and the light from the light source is directly irradiated through the reflector so that the efficiency of the lamp can reach about 85%. There are also vertical LED downlights, the depth of the reflector is relatively deep, the beam is relatively concentrated, and there is a certain concentration of light.

The LED downlight can hide its light source in the interior of the architectural decoration so that the light source is not exposed to the outside, and there is no feeling of glare, and the light source emitted by it is soft and uniform. Because of these advantages, downlights are gradually accepted by consumers and are widely used.

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LED downlights are currently not only used in simple home decoration but are used more in hotels, coffee shops, and shopping malls. It can be seen that the applicability of LED downlights for indoor lighting is becoming more and more known. , Is also more and more popular, so is the LED downlight good? What are its good decorative properties?

The applicability of LED downlight indoor lighting is also due to its many other advantages.

1. The energy-saving properties of LEDs help families reduce electricity expenditures: the power consumption of the same brightness is 1/4 of that of ordinary energy-saving lamps, and one LED downlight can save tens of yuan in electricity bills for a family a month.

2. Use LED downlights to make the home decoration more beautiful: downlights help maintain the overall unity and perfection of interior decoration, and do not damage the settings of lamps such as chandeliers. The light source is hidden inside the decoration, not exposed, no glare, and the LED light source gives people the vision The effect is softer and more even.

3. The longevity of LED downlights: The lifespan of LED lamps is 50,000 hours. It is used for six hours a day, which is 20 years of life. This can reduce the considerable cost of buying lamps for the family, which is unmatched by other types of lighting lamps.

4. The LED downlight is not fragile, recyclable, and environmentally friendly: it does not contain harmful substances such as mercury, does not pollute the environment, and its power-saving is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions and conforming to the family's "energy saving and emission reduction" life promotion of ideas.

LED downlight features

1. Energy saving: The power consumption of equal brightness is 1/2 of that of general energy saving lamps.

2. Environmental protection: no harmful substances such as mercury, no pollution to the environment.

3. Economy: The cost of lighting can be recovered in one and a half years because of electricity saving.

4. Low carbon: Saving electricity is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions.

5. Turtle age: LED lamps to have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. According to six hours of use per day, one LED lamp can last for 40 years.

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