How To Distinguish The Quality Of Led Linear Lights

Dec. 15, 2020

How To Distinguish The Quality Of Led Linear Lights

We know how to choose the right led linear lamp method.

1. From the perspective of the aluminum shell of the linear lamp, when we hold the lamp in our hand, we will see how the appearance and details of the shell are, especially the color sprayed shell. There is a good product, and the color spray details are also handled It is better, and the weight of the shell, which determines the price of the product. The heavier the aluminum shell, the higher the price. Cheap manufacturers generally choose thin shells. In order to save costs, the color treatment details of the shell surface are not very detailed.

2. Observation from the linear lamp to the terminal, we get the lamp, first look at the shell, and after reading the shell, we will look at the pairing wires on both sides. The good pairing wires use the national standard rubber waterproof wire, and the inside is a solid copper pin. , The threaded end can be resistant to high temperature and corrosion and easy to install. The cheap plugs are all PVC cables, and the texture and details are rough when they are received. The pins inside are silver-plated, and they are not resistant to high and low temperatures, and their waterproof effect is far worse.

3. From the perspective of PC cover or glass for linear lights, because there are two types of led linear lights with PC cover and glass on the market. We need to look at the thickness and luminous effect of the PC cover. The high-quality PC cover is an imported material. Its light transmission effect is better and there will be no spots. Generally, a diffuser is recommended.

And the poor PC cover, there will be some small spots when the light is transmitted, and the material is very thin. Many of this material is made of second-hand materials. It is easy to crack when used outdoors for a long time. For glass, look at its thickness.

4. From the perspective of glue for linear lights, first of all, there are several types of glue for led linear lights. There are three conventional types of transparent silicone, transparent resin, and PU glue. Nowadays, silicone and PU are commonly used, and resin is rarely used now. Up. The price of silica gel and PU glue are different, and the price of PU glue on the market is more expensive than that of silica gel.

Linear lights generally use PU glue, which is beige and transparent. PU glue has good adhesion with aluminum, and has a good waterproof effect, and can withstand high and low temperatures. The adhesion between silica gel and aluminum is a little bit worse, and silica gel itself has a little acidity and alkalinity. Therefore, the use of silica gel lamp beads must have a lens on it, for fear of affecting the lamp beads. And there are many manufacturers of silica gel at different prices.

Led Linear Lights

5. From the perspective of the light source of the linear lamp and the material of the circuit board inside, we often can't see this kind of finished lamp, so we can only look at the parameters given to us by the manufacturer.

A good LED linear lamp manufacturer gives you the quotation sheet and the lamp parameters on the contract are very clear and relatively standardized.

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