How to "Save Money" for Home Lighting?

Jun. 09, 2020

Even for ordinary commercial housing, lighting often requires a lot of money. So, how to use the right amount of light investment to achieve a suitable lighting effect, not only to ensure the demand for visual lighting but also to reduce power consumption? Here, the good heat sink LED Downlight company supports several "big moves" for everyone, to help realize the desire of home energy saving, save lighting costs, and make the lighting of the house "more effective"!

Trick one: use daylight skillfully

This is an important point. Natural light provides lighting that consumes no electricity. Of course, we can use it if we can. With the clever layout of the home's hard clothes, it can fully introduce sunlight and effectively reduce power consumption. For example, a large area of white lacquer is used to improve the brightness of the interior; or unusable walls (non-load-bearing walls) are removed and replaced with light-transmitting glass/hollow partitions. By relying on this, plenty of sunlight will be injected into the room during the day, and natural lighting can replace part of the artificial lighting, achieving efficient energy saving.

Trick 2: Buy lamps with long lifespan-save maintenance and replacement costs

The evaluation of the economic efficiency and energy efficiency of lighting needs to consider the installation investment and operating costs. Drivers, heat dissipation systems of the lamps, chip materials, packaging, and other factors are all important factors that affect their lives. Therefore, when selecting LED downlights and other lamps, consciously choose lamps with long life to reduce the cost of later maintenance.

In addition, the lamps used in indoor homes also have requirements on the protection level. Take the kitchen and bathroom as an example, because the water vapor and oil smoke in such spaces are relatively heavy, if the lamps are not anti-fog, it will be particularly bad! The lamps with high protection levels have higher reliability. Taking the black diamond series LED downlight as an example, its protection grade is up to IP42, with good sealing performance, waterproof and moisture-proof. This is also one of the reasons why its service life is longer than that of general downlights (lifetime>50,000 hours).

Energy Saving Downlights

Energy Saving Downlights

Trick 3: Choose an energy-saving light source

In the past, traditional home improvement lighting mostly used incandescent filament bulbs, or fluorescent or metal halide lamps. The standard working life of such traditional light source lamps is only about several thousand hours, and the power consumption is very large. In contrast, today's LED lighting fixtures use "green and environmentally friendly" LED light sources to reduce consumption, have a long lifespan, have a more reasonable optical design, and have a more scientific light distribution. Generally, it can be used continuously for tens of thousands of hours, which is of great significance to home energy saving.

Trick 3: Intelligent control system

In this era of intelligent popularization, the use of intelligent control systems in homes has gradually become popular. Whether it is the above-mentioned use of natural light or the use of LED downlights and other LED lamps, the "integration" and "debugging" of the intelligent controller are indispensable.

For example, during a sunny day with plenty of light, the indoor intelligent control system will adjust the illuminance of various lighting fixtures to "50% bright" and increase the use of natural light. At night, the intelligent control system will also adjust the artificial lighting to "50% bright". However, if you encounter a cloudy day, you will also adjust the artificial lighting to "100% bright".

In summary, modern home decoration lighting has been able to connect the three more and more closely. Only energy saving downlights and other lamps have been selected to make full use of natural light and use the intelligent control system to "coordinate" all this. In order to combine high light efficiency with low energy consumption to create a low energy consumption home lighting system.

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