How To Turn An Ordinary Home Into a "Luxury House"?

Jun. 02, 2020

Ordinary house, the area is not large, and the story height is not high. For budgetary reasons, the decoration and display of the whole house may be relatively rustic. Is there any way to make an aesthetically mediocre home to improve the living experience and turn it into a "luxury house"? Customized LED Downlight supplier will share with you:

In fact, you can consider starting with lamps (LED downlights, chandeliers, etc.), and then adjusting the soft equipment, you can improve the exquisite environment on the basis of not having to "big knife". Here, see how to make good use of LED downlights and other lamps to transform ordinary homes into exquisite mansions.

Ordinary house space magic

The vast majority of commercial houses, residential buildings, and apartment rooms are within 120 square meters. Although it is not a "luxury house" in the traditional sense, it can also greatly improve the living experience through lighting design and soft decoration.

The space of the ordinary apartment is more limited than that of the villa. The decoration of the decoration tends to be simple. The lighting emphasizes the depth and stretch of the space. The use of the lamp type is relatively simple. Chandelier-based. The reason why you should choose a chandelier with a simpler shape and a smaller size are because of the limited floor height of the ordinary house. So choose the chandelier as much as possible between one and two floors, not "too long" and "too cumbersome".

High Efficiency Led Downlight

High Efficiency Led Downlight

Furthermore, why is it necessary to use high efficiency LED Downlight?

This involves the problem of controlling the "longitudinal volume of space". If it is a surface mounted downlight, the light body may protrude in the ceiling area, which may be a little "occupied" visually.

In addition, don't overlook the art of the walls! Although the space is limited, if we make good use of the wall, we can also "push the wall back" visually, thus making the space wider.

Finally, there is a streamlined space method that can be used by almost all types of houses-more push-pull hidden furniture. For example, the log-type worktop can be folded up to the wall facade, it will not occupy any space at all, and is flexible, neat, and practical. Furniture such as beds and drawers can use this form to subtract space.

Everyone has their own residence. Even the average apartment with a small area can improve the stay experience through the scientific use of lighting deployment, chandeliers, LED downlights and other lamps. This is a problem that the majority of ordinary apartment owners need to consider.

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