Efficient Office, Starting with Led Downlight Led Lighting

Apr. 07, 2020

Modern office lighting, in a sense, will significantly affect and change the atmosphere of the space, bringing people a positive or negative psychological impact. Let's take office lighting as an example to talk about how to create scientific lighting through customized LED downlight lamps and other LED lighting fixtures, which will have a positive impact on people's physiology and psychology, thereby creating a comfortable and efficient office environment.

Meeting room

Office lighting should be simple and bright in terms of lighting coordination, so conventional lamps cannot be selected, and the overall project cost must also be considered. Soundfloat recommends choosing a set of 36W / 6500K color panel pendant panel lights as the main lighting above the conference table. (The wattage can be changed according to the size of the space.) The suspended panel lights are closer to the table, so that most of the light will be gathered at the conference table. For office lighting, choose 6500K LED downlight as the main lighting of the meeting room, and the LED lights installed on both sides as auxiliary lighting to ensure that the horizontal illumination of the main area of the meeting room is maintained at 400lux. The control of the lamps and lanterns adopts the independent control method. During the meeting, the corresponding lighting lamps can be controlled alternately, so that the lamp design is more reasonable.

Office area

The office area, as the largest area in the current office space, covers all functional departments of the company, including computer operations, writing, telephone communication, work communication, and other office activities. In terms of lighting, the above office behavior should be combined with uniformity and comfort as the design principles. Generally, a uniform spacing method of lighting is used, and the corresponding lighting is used in conjunction with the ground functional area. The grille lamp panel is used in the workbench area to make the work space uniform and reduce glare. Use downlights to illuminate the passage area of the collective office to add light to the passage.

Customized Led Downlight

Customized Led Downlight

Rest area

The office rest area is the space where people rejuvenate when they are tired, and the function of the rest determines the lighting effect they need. Choose a dimmable led downlight with a color temperature of 6500K.

Lighting requirements

The lighting requirements of the office are mainly divided into the following aspects:

1. Appropriate light source color temperature and color rendering index: generally choose a color temperature> 4000K in the office, and select a color rendering index Ra≥75.

2. Lighting level: Different environments and different places have different requirements for lighting. The illuminance of the office place should meet the requirements of use, generally 300-1000lx.

3. Illumination uniformity: arrange the lamps reasonably to make the illuminance uniform, so that the difference between the maximum and minimum illuminance of the office and the average illuminance is less than 1/3 of the average illuminance.

4. Comfort and glare control: When there is too high brightness or too large brightness ratio in the visual field, people will feel dazzling glare. The measures to prevent glare are mainly to limit the brightness of the light source and arrange the light source reasonably. If the light source is above the 45-degree line of sight, form a shading angle or block the light source with an opaque material.

5. Safety: Mainly consider the safety of the lamp structure, the safety of electrical appliances, whether the lamp complies with national standards, and whether it passes the 3C certification.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection: high-efficiency light sources, high-efficiency, long-life, reasonable light distribution lamps, high-performance, long-life accessories, etc.

White LED downlight manufacturer believes that: Office lighting also has certain requirements for uniformity, but it is not the more uniform the better, the appropriate illumination changes can alleviate the atmosphere of the entire office decoration design. For general lighting, the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the average illuminance value should not be less than 0.7 and the illuminance ratio to the vicinity of the working surface should not be less than 0.5.

In the case of both general lighting and local lighting, the average illuminance in the non-working area should not be less than half of the working area, and not less than 200lx. For two adjacent areas, the average illuminance ratio between the office and the channel beside it cannot exceed 5: 1, and the illuminance in the lower area is at least 150 lx. Otherwise, it is easy to produce a strong change of light and dark contrast in the office, thereby causing visual fatigue for the human eye working in this lighting environment. 95% of white-collar workers surveyed believe that inappropriate lighting will cause eye discomfort, mainly manifested in eye fatigue, dry eyes and blurred vision; 31% of white-collar workers surveyed believe that inappropriate lighting will cause a decline in work efficiency. How to improve the existing office lighting has put forward effective suggestions, including reducing glare, improving the uniformity of illuminance, properly managing and increasing natural light, regular maintenance of lamps, and timely replacement of severely decayed light sources and lamps to ensure that the average illumination of the workbench reaches National recommended standards.

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