Future Development Direction of Hotel Lighting

Apr. 15, 2020

Now the hotel lighting has achieved intelligent, energy saving and reduce the effect of operating costs, greatly improve the image of the hotel. The future development trend of Hotel lighting can be seen from four aspects. Black LED hotel downlight supplier will share with you:

1. The development direction of hotel lighting-green, personalized

Green energy saving and personalization are the two major directions of hotel smart lighting. Green energy saving is actually for the hotel itself. In order to meet the needs of the current development of the environment, not only stress comfort, but also emphasize the importance of green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction; personalization is for hotel customers , Refers to consumers can configure their own space in the hotel according to their own ideas, such as dimmable LED hotel downlight, customers can enter the room according to their own time and demand for lighting and room equipment Adjust changes.

"The design concept of the hotel must have its own characteristics to attract customers, and this feature for the customer is to emphasize individuality and comfort.The hotel stands in the customer's point of view to imagine, through the intelligent technology of human services, to achieve comfort, personalized and green energy saving.The biggest advantage of the intelligent control system is that it can be in accordance with the requirements of designers and owners, according to the existing conditions of the hotel, through the multi-functional intelligent hardware and management software to upgrade the hotel's entire system, do not need to increase too much cost, to achieve great benefits.

Future Development Direction of Hotel Lighting

Dimmable Led Hotel Downlight

2. Bottlenecks facing hotel lighting-price, quality

In the future, intelligent lighting will usher in greater market opportunities in the hotel field. In this process, the development of hotel smart lighting still faces certain challenges. "There are still price issues in the development of hotel smart lighting, which hinders the rapid and comprehensive development of hotel smart lighting. In the past, due to consumer consumption concepts The demand for intelligence is not high, resulting in the development of smart lighting is still relatively limited. Customized LED hotel downlight has not yet been fully popularized, and smart lighting needs more time to popularize. "

At the same time, in terms of intelligent drive control, there are still drive products with inadequate quality in the market. Yinfu Optoelectronics requires strict control of product quality in terms of design and materials. However, due to cost considerations, some products on the market cannot function as they should be. For example, it is dimmable, but the light effect cannot be adjusted perfectly. The second is the lack of norms and standards in the industry, which has brought certain obstacles to the development of enterprises and industries.

3. Future changes in hotel lighting-simple and convenient

Simple, intuitive, and more user-friendly is the future development direction of smart products, but also the core competitiveness of intelligent control systems. Nowadays, technology has changed the habits, concepts and methods of consumers. Many people think that when they start designing, they only need to target end consumers. However, our company fully stands from the perspective of customers from product design, production and sales, transportation to installation. consider. "For example, in terms of product installation and disassembly, our company's products are designed to be user-friendly for installation and disassembly, which is more user-friendly than other similar products. This is not only considering the customer's use, even the installation and subsequent maintenance in the middle. All other details must be considered.

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