What Is Led Downlight and How Can I Install It?

Oct. 28, 2020

What are LED Downlight?

Downlights are recessed luminaires that are put in the ceiling. They have actually typical sized and also cut out dimensions and are a replacer for your current CFL and also PL-C downlight components. There are likewise downlights which have the possibility to be dimmable. For ceilings where recessed luminaires are not possible you can install a surface area placed luminaire. Downlights can be placed in colleges, offices, corridors and also staircases and are for that reason multifunctional!

LED downlights are offered in different type:

LED Resort Downlight Collection

LED Resort Downlight Collection

LED Downlight DTW Series

LED Downlight Series

LED Surface Mounted Downlight

LED Surface Mounted Downlight Collection 

How Can I Install It?

Changing your old downlight for a dimmable LED Downlight China is easy, simply adhere to these 6 actions:

Step 1.

See to it that the power is turned off. Prior to you replace a light the power must be switched off. For additional safety and security, you can convert the switch in the meter cabinet.

Step 2.

Separate the power cable and also remove the old downlight.

Step 3.

Loosen the driver cover. Then attach the euro cord: the brownish cable television takes place L, the blue cable television goes on N. Screw the motorist cover back on the downlight.

Step 4.

Attach the powercord to the keys.

Step 5.

Push the clips on the side of the downlight completely in as well as place the downlight in your ceiling.

Step 6.

Transform the power back on and also start conserving power and cash immediately.

How do I set up a LED panel?

If you wish to replace your old panels with LED please take a look at: Exactly how to mount a LED panel.

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