What Is Led Downlight?

Nov. 03, 2020

Recessed downlights, sometimes called pot lights or can light, have become an indispensable tool for anyone choosing to light. What is attractive is their simplicity, because most lamps are hidden behind the ceiling, and the LED light source is set inside the accessory body at the bottom of the reflector. The light focuses forward and enters the room through a circular or square hole in the ceiling.

How should LED Downlight be used?

Downlights provide effective and efficient strong light sources. However, LED downlights should be used with caution, not just where you want to illuminate. How to use recessed downlights explores how to use them, including for accent lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting. How far you install the LED downlights can guide you through the process of estimating the number of downlights that may need to be installed.

Quick tips on when to use LED downlights

Where the ceiling needs a strong light source-only used to illuminate specific activities or objects, not just the floor. When other light sources are also in the room (only downlights are used) will create a flat lighting scheme for the room. Where task lighting is required in the work area

Introduce a strong contrast between light and dark

Create focal points, light up the table

Lighting furniture

The front light of the wall or cabinet door

How to reduce the glare of downlights?

All light sources produce some form of glare, so the deeper the LED light source is in the body of the downlight, the better the depth into the ceiling. Dim lights or downlights with baffles have an inner ring that can be inserted into the lens, reflector, and light source. By pushing them back, the user must be more directly under the accessory to see the light source. Downlight baffles are usually black, which is the least reflective color.

Lower-cost downlights will push the LED light source forward to maximize the output of inferior light sources, while refracting downlights are engineered to make up for part of the output loss, thereby creating more comfortable light transmission.

Led Downlight

Led Downlight

Choose a fixed or adjustable downlight?

It is recommended to usually use fixed downlights as they look neater on the ceiling. They also produce less glare when the light is directed downwards and does not tilt to the user's eyes. However, where you need to move the lights flexibly, please use adjustable downlights.

For example, use embedded LED downlights on all countertops, kitchen islands, furniture above or protruding objects. You can’t always ensure that you can actually find the position of the downlight on the drawing after installation, so the adjustable downlight will allow a certain tolerance to redirect the light back to the position where it had to Which must move the way.

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