Led Buying Guide: Downlight

Nov. 10, 2020

Customized Led DownlightLED Downlight is one of the most popular lighting equipment that can provide functional ambient lighting throughout the commercial space. These lights are the foundation of efficient lighting programs and are considered first-class lighting solutions designed for many applications. They emit light downward and successfully undertake various lighting tasks, such as task lighting and accent lighting.

In addition, these lights aesthetically supplement other installed lighting equipment in the space, such as spotlights, chandeliers, etc., and have many advantages in practicality, flexibility, versatility, reliability, life span, and energy (and cost) efficiency. Kind of advantage.

Things to consider before buying LED downlights

Since each space has different needs, choosing the right LED downlight is very important to improve the overall lighting of the space. The following are some parameters that can help you buy a suitable LED downlight:

Brightness level

The brightness level of the LED is the initial parameter that needs to be paid attention to before selecting the downlight. According to leading LED lighting manufacturers, the brightness of LED lights is measured in lumens (not watts). Although lumens and wattage are closely related, they cannot measure the same aspect. Lumen measures the total amount of light output from a light source, and wattage (W) determines the energy consumed to produce a certain amount of light output.

Color temperature

Color temperature refers to the color characteristics, that is, the warmth or coolness of light. Scientifically measured in Kelvin (K), lamps with a lower Kelvin number (<4000K) produce warmer lighting, and lamps with a higher Kelvin number (> 4000K) produce colder lighting. According to LED lighting experts, color temperature has a great influence on the space environment and personal mood.


LED downlights can provide two frame options, namely gimbal, and fixed frame. The pan-tilt frame allows users to adjust the direction of light, which is most suitable for spaces that require task lighting. On the other hand, the fixed frame emits an accurate and narrow beam in a stable downward direction. They are both economical and can effectively meet general lighting requirements.


Last but not least, quality is one of the key factors that should be considered before purchasing a Customized LED Downlight. Although LEDs have a long life and can work for nearly 50,000 hours, you should only buy downlights with the maximum warranty period. After all, all appliances are prone to failure.

In addition to the above parameters, cheap led downlight manufacturers also recommend that people consider other factors before buying LED downlights, such as IP rating, dimming function, manufacturing quality, beam angle, etc.

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