LED Downlight

LED Downlight DTB Series

Model: JST-DTB

Wattage: 10W-50W



RA: >90

IP Rate: IP44

Finish Color: White/Black/Customized

Beam Angle:24°/36°/60°

Diameter: 91mm-240mm

Cutout: 75mm-210mm


Downlights are the main product for low-key general lighting and can be seamlessly integrated into various commercial spaces. Generally, downlights are IP20, but there are also IP44 and IP65 downlights. IP20 

downlights are generally suitable for indoor and are the most common lighting products. IP44 downlights can be used in saunas, bathrooms, kitchens or under eaves. IP65 downlights are not afraid of any conditions 

and can be used in anywhere, even outdoors. The DTB series has IP44.

What is IP44 downlight:

IP stands for Ingress Protection. This value indicates how protected the electrical equipment is from dust and moisture. IP rates consist of two digits. The first digit is a measure to prevent dust from entering. The 

second number indicates how waterproof the device is

IP44 downlights are waterproof and dustproof lights. This means that it prevents moisture or small particles or dust from entering the interior of the lamp body.

Why can only downlights with IP44 or above be used in humid places, but IP20 downlights  can't ? That is because ordinary LED downlights are very sensitive to water, and water can easily cause electrical short circuits, 

causing safety hazards. So ideally, you should choose a downlight with an IP rating of at least IP44, which protects against water splashing from any direction. Downlights with a higher IP rating, such as IP65 or IP67, 

provide better protection against water.

Please visit our JARSTAR's website. We have many kinds of IP44 downlights, such as DTB series. It also has a deep anti-glare cup, which not only prevents glare, but also protects your eyes.


• Available from 10W up to 50W;

• Deep reflector to be a low glare value;

• Large die-casting heat sink for long span ;

• Covering popular 75 - 210mm cut out size for easy replacement;

• Finish color white / black / customized;

• Easy installation.

ModelPowerCRICCTPFCurrentInput VoltageBeam AngleDimensionCutout

Commercial spaces lighting, Stations lighting, Clubs lighting, Residential areas lighting, Offices lighting, Schools lighting, Restaurants lighting, Museums lighting, Hotels lighting, Showrooms lighting, etc.

LED Downlight DTB Series LED Downlight DTB Series LED Downlight DTB Series
LED Downlight DTB Series LED Downlight DTB Series LED Downlight DTB Series
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