Precautions For Installing Led Track Lights

Dec. 04, 2020

Precautions For Installing Led Track Lights

With the constant opening of the lighting age, the fourth generation of lighting sources-LEDs has now attracted more and more attention. Moreover, LED light sources are constantly turning on, and there are more and more types. According to their characteristics, natural uses will be different. Today, let's take a look at LED track lights! The LED track light is a track light with LED as the light source, which is a kind of track light.

There are some advantages to LED track lights. LED cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, excellent function, simple and rich color, high brightness, low-frequency flashing, energy-saving and healthier; high-efficiency optical-grade lens, low light loss, good illuminance; high-power transformer, making lamps, The perfect combination of electrical appliances and light sources; light and concise, beautiful and easy to equipment and replacement.

When cleaning, you should be careful not to change the structure of the lamp, and do not randomly replace some parts in the lamp. After cleaning, the lamp should be installed as it is, and remember not to miss or install the lamp parts.

LED track lights are mainly used for decoration, commercial space lighting, and architectural decoration lighting. And other applicable occasions. Adjust the brightness of the light appropriately. Under the light, the color of the product is softer and more attractive.

Custom LED Track Light Supplier reminds us, we should pay attention to the following three points when installing LED track lights.


1)The power supply must be blocked first, and avoid touching the surface of the lamp with hands during the equipment process.

2)Prevent the equipment from being at the heat source, in places with corrosive gas, and the equipment on it will affect the life of the LED track light.

3)The equipment is in a place where there is no shaking or shaking, and of course there is a risk of fire in the place where there is confession.

LED track lights are new LED lights planned for commercial lighting and product display. The new track adjustable planning uses high-quality LED light sources, simple spectrum, rich colors, environmental protection, and energy-saving; aluminum alloy shell, light and concise, beautiful and generous; high-power transformer, Perfectly combined with lamps and power supplies, it shows its elegant characteristics.

Precautions For Installing Led Track Lights

LED track light benefits

1)Power saving, generally more than 70%;

2) Less heat and less harm to irradiated objects;

3)The price is the same as the price of general brand metal halide lamps, which has a price advantage.

LED track lights purchase elements


The same 7W track light. Some models sell for more than a hundred. Some only cost tens of yuan each, why, the power is 7W.

2)lamp beads

Many customers now order LED track lights just for power and price. The center part is not careful. The lamp beads and even the same brand of lamp beads have different levels. The center of the lamp beads is the chip. The size of the chip, the packaging method, etc. all affects his price.

3)select high-quality products

Customized LED Track Light is generally used to enhance the lighting of decorative objects. They are usually embedded in the ceiling or wall. The spotlights usually emit higher temperatures during operation. Therefore, you must buy high-quality products, otherwise, there will be safety risks.

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