What's the ideal lighting for your home office?

May. 10, 2024

In recent years, the number of people working from home has shot up, creating a functional and comfortable home office has become a necessity. Unlike an office, our homes weren’t designed for all-day work. While the desk and chair are undoubtedly important, the lighting in your home office is very important which can make a significant difference in your productivity, comfort, and overall well-being.

What's the ideal lighting for your home office?cid=4


Are you using the right light?

The nature and quality of the light you choose has a direct impact on your productivity, be it day or night. The fixtures you use for your home office must cater to your specific needs. On the lighting that best suits your needs, we will focus on ideal lighting for home offices.  


What is the right light for home offices?

Natural and Ambient Lighting

Make sure that the room you choose as your home office has plenty of natural light, before you start thinking about office furniture, decoration or a nice desk luminaire. A dark, windowless rooms is never a good idea for a home office, because natural light plays an important role in the way we work.


Your desk should positioned perpendicular to the window, we need to make the most of the Windows and fill the space in the home office with enough sunlight, which will boost your energy, concentration and performance, the natural light are not only healthy but a good source of vitamin D and ideal to fend off depression, it is recommended that the office be in a space with ample sunlight.


Apart from that natural lighting, the other important element to lighting in office spaces is ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is the uniform, general lighting in a room. These are usually ceiling-mounted lighting.

What's the ideal lighting for your home office?cid=4

What are the benefits of good home office lighting?

There are a number of reasons to think carefully about lighting in your workspace, both in the office and at home. Having good lighting can increase your productivity and your health. It can also make your home office more inviting and comfortable.


How to choose the best lighting for your home office

1. Choose somewhere with natural light

For many, our home office spaces are chosen out of necessity and lighting is something we think about later. No matter what the circumstances, we always recommend choosing to place your chair somewhere with natural light – a room with a window. Daylight provides many benefits that artificial light can’t, and the view outside can also boost your spirits. On top of this, you could even save on your electricity bills by limiting the amount of artificial light you need.


2. Avoid glare

The best light for your home office desk or workstation is indirect light. If light is hitting your screen, it can reflect and cause glare. You can also be at risk of:

Headaches and eye strain

Increased risk of falls, slips and trips

Neck, back and muscle strain

Impact on mental health

Lower productivity

What's the ideal lighting for your home office?cid=4

So you can install a windown blinds to protect you from direct sunlight. Window blinds are definitely a good idea for the anti-glare to protect you against too much direct sunlight and heat.


3. Watch out for shadows

Shadows are another common cause of eye strain. To limit the risk, avoid any inconsistent light on your screen, and your workspace as a whole. If your home office has ceiling lights, you might need to use them not just when it starts getting dark, but throughout the day too. Additional light sources like lamps can also help you get the illumination you need. so, proper placement and installation of your home office lighting are crucial for optimal performance. The placement of light sources should be based on the type of lighting you're using and the tasks you'll be doing. For instance, if you're using task lighting, the light should be placed in a way that it doesn't cast a shadow on your work surface.


4. Install High quality LED light

LED lighting is more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and has a longer lifespan than traditional lighting. They also come in a range of colors and brightness levels, making them highly customizable. More environmentally friendly and save maintenance costs.


What's the ideal lighting for your home office?cid=4What's the ideal lighting for your home office?cid=4What's the ideal lighting for your home office?cid=4What's the ideal lighting for your home office?cid=4


Choosing the best lighting for your home office can make a significant difference in your productivity and overall well-being. By considering the basics of lighting, the factors to consider when choosing home office lighting, and the different types of lighting available, you can create a functional and comfortable workspace that inspires you to do your best word.

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